Get started

Insert your courses into the School Calendar


  • Log onto the School Calendar (
  • Open "My courses" in the menu at the top left corner.
  • Press the "Choose courses" button on the "My courses" page. Check that the school year and period in question is correct and select which courses you are having in each position.
    • You will find your personal course listing on Wilma (select the view with your course listing).
    • Scroll down to see the special positions, such as "p4b".
  • The positions in which you do not have any courses can be left blank.
  • Click Save.


Connect to a mobile device

Connect the School Calendar to the calendar on your mobile device


Connect to a Google-account (recommended)


Active sync-connection (backup for older phones)

Set how often your calendar is synchronised

Only applies to Active sync users. Depending on the setting it is possible to conserve battery on the phone or tablet.


How to use the school calendar

Instructions about the features



You can read comments by the teacher and download attachments that go along with the lesson (marked with an @ symbol next to the name of the lesson).
  • Click once on an event to show more information.
  • Doubleclick on an event to edit and show all information. (alternatively click the pen at the bottom right of the info-box that appears with the single click)
    • Additional content is found in the "Attachments" tab (If the teacher has added something)
  • You can add your own note in the field "My notes"



You can create your own, personal events which are only viewable in your own calendar.
  • Click on an empty space in the calendar to create an event.
    • Click, hold and drag to quickly create the length of the event.
  • Choose start and end for the event.
  • Add a title, description and even a location is you want.
  • In the tab "Recurring" you can decide if the event will be repeated and how frequently.
  • Click Save


Hide events that do not concern you, if you want to "tidy up" the calendar.
  • Doubleclick on the event you want to hide.
  • Check the box "Hide this event from my own view" in the edit pop-up.
  • Click Save
    • In case you want to show hidden events you need to use the button CAL in the top right corner of the calendar.
    • Check "Show hidden events"


View options and calendars

  • Press the button CAL at the top right
    • Choose which calendars you want to show in the calendar view.
  • Press the button VEIW at the top right
    • Choose calendar view and with what precision the events are shown (15min = sparse / 30min = compact).